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Quality QU000093
General Information
Acc No QU000093
Type reaction
Negative false
Calculated Score 5
Comment RMP1 is ectopically active in rin4 knock-out mutants.
Creation Nov 22 2010 11:32:09:513AM
Creator sp
Last Update Nov 22 2010 11:33:46:000AM
Last Updater sp
Acc No RE000074
Name RIN4(A.t.) -/ RPM1(A.t.)
Name loss-of-function mutant
Fullname mutant leading to a loss of function
Name prediction based on physiological effect
Fullname prediction based on the analysis of physiological effects in comparison to controls
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000406
  Authors  Belkhadir Y, Nimchuk Z, Hubert DA, Mackey D, Dangl JL.
  Title  Arabidopsis RIN4 negatively regulates disease resistance mediated by RPS2 and RPM1 downstream or independent of the NDR1 signal modulator and is not required for the virulence functions of bacterial type III effectors AvrRpt2 or AvrRpm1.
  Source  Plant Cell 16: 2822-35 (2004)

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