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Quality QU000293
General Information
Acc No QU000293
Type reaction
Negative false
Manual Score 2
Calculated Score 2
Description  A FRET-Assay was carried out to detect physical interaction between AtHIR1 and RPS2. Therefore two fusion proteins were created. AtHIR1-CFP-HA and RPS2-YFP-HA. A FRET signal was clearly detected.
Comment Two kinds of FRET signals were detected. The first type was detected all along the plasma membrane, while the second type was a punctuate pattern along the PM. The cause of these two patterns is unknown
Creation Oct 10 2011 02:40:49:513PM
Creator pb
Last Update Oct 19 2011 11:13:15:000AM
Last Updater pb
Acc No RE000163
Name RPS2(A.t.) -- HIR1(A.t.)
Name transgenic plant, heterologous
Fullname transgenic plant transformed with heterologous gene
Name interaction measurement
Fullname interaction measurement by chemico-physical methods
Description e.g. FRET, NMR
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000492
  Authors  Qi Y, Tsuda K, Nguyen le V, Wang X, Lin J, Murphy AS, Glazebrook J, Thordal-Christensen H, Katagiri F.
  Title  Physical Association of Arabidopsis Hypersensitive Induced Reaction Proteins (HIRs) with the Immune Receptor RPS2.
  Source  J Biol Chem 286: 31297-307 (2011)

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