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Quality QU000318
General Information
Acc No QU000318
Type reaction
Negative false
Manual Score 4
Calculated Score 4
Comment qPCR was carried out to analyze the ability of Pep4 to induce the transcription of PEPR1. After Pep4 treatment the transcription rate of PEPR1 increased 2 to 4 fold
Creation Oct 19 2011 11:39:28:000AM
Creator pb
Last Update Oct 19 2011 11:44:44:000AM
Last Updater pb
Acc No RE000178
Name PEP4(A.t.) -> PEPR1(A.t.)
Name wild-type
Fullname wild-type organism
Fullname detection of mRNA by RT-PCR, quantitative mRNA detection
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000500
  Authors  Yamaguchi Y, Huffaker A, Bryan AC, Tax FE, Ryan CA.
  Title  PEPR2 is a second receptor for the Pep1 and Pep2 peptides and contributes to defense responses in Arabidopsis.
  Source  Plant Cell 22: 508-22 (2010)

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