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Quality QU000524
General Information
Acc No QU000524
Type reaction
Negative false
Calculated Score 5
Comment PUB12 polyubiquitinates FLS2 in in vitro ubiquitination assays, which leads to degradation of FLS2
Creation Jan 13 2012 12:36:27:780PM
Creator pb
Last Update Jan 13 2012 12:38:13:000PM
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Acc No RE000286
Name PUB12(A.t.)->FLS2(A.t.)
Name recombinant protein from prokaryot
Fullname recombinant protein expressed in a prokaryotic organism
Description e.g. recombinant protein from E. coli, B. subtilis
Name ubiquitylation assay
Fullname ubiquitylation assay
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000552
  Authors  Lu D, Lin W, Gao X, Wu S, Cheng C, Avila J, Heese A, Devarenne TP, He P, Shan L.
  Title  Direct ubiquitination of pattern recognition receptor FLS2 attenuates plant innate immunity.
  Source  Science 332: 1439-42. (2011)

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