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Reaction RE000016: EIN3(A.t.) -> ERF1(A.t.)
General Information
Acc No RE000016
Name EIN3(A.t.) -> ERF1(A.t.)
Class basic
Type semantic
Effect transcriptional activation
Reversible false
Description EIN3 positively regulates transcription of ERF1
Creation Sep 25 2003 11:57:41:750AM
Creator lb
Last Update Sep 25 2003 11:59:45:000AM
Last Updater lb
Higher Hierarchy
Acc No RE000019
Name EIN3-like(A.t.) -> ERF1(A.t.)
Acc No Name 
MO000011  EIN3(A.t.) 
MO000015  ERF1(A.t.) 
pathway Map of the Arabidopsis thaliana ethylene pathway
Score  4, QU000023
Reference  Ref. 1
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000132
  Authors  Solano R, Stepanova A, Chao Q, Ecker JR.
  Title  Nuclear events in ethylene signaling: a transcriptional cascade mediated by ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE3 and ETHYLENE-RESPONSE-FACTOR1.
  Source  Genes Dev 12: 3703-14 (1998)

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