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Reference RF000131
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Acc No RF000131
Journal Cell
Authors Chao Q, Rothenberg M, Solano R, Roman G, Terzaghi W, Ecker JR.
Title Activation of the ethylene gas response pathway in Arabidopsis by the nuclear protein ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE3 and related proteins.
Volume 89
Issue 7
Page 1133-44
Year 1997
Abstract Mutations in the Arabidopsis ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE3 (EIN3) gene severely limit a plant's response to the gaseous hormone ethylene. ein3 mutants show a loss of ethylene-mediated effects including gene expression, the triple response, cell growth inhibition, and accelerated senescence. EIN3 acts downstream of the histidine kinase ethylene receptor, ETR1, and the Raf-like kinase, CTR1. The EIN3 gene encodes a novel nuclear-localized protein that shares sequence similarity, structural features, and genetic function with three EIN3-LIKE (EIL) proteins. In addition to EIN3, EIL1 orEIL2 were able to complement ein3, suggesting their participation in the ethylene signaling pathway. Overexpression of EIN3 or EIL1 in wild-type or ethylene-insensitive2 plants conferred constitutive ethylene phenotypes, indicating their sufficiency for activation of the pathway in the absence of ethylene.
PMID 9215635
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PubMed  9215635

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