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Reference RF000368
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Acc No RF000368
Journal Plant Cell
Authors Chinchilla D, Bauer Z, Regenass M, Boller T, Felix G.
Title The Arabidopsis receptor kinase FLS2 binds flg22 and determines the specificity of flagellin perception.
Volume 18
Issue 2
Page 465-76
Year 2006
Abstract Flagellin, the main building block of the bacterial flagellum, acts as a pathogen-associated molecular pattern triggering the innate immune response in animals and plants. In Arabidopsis thaliana, the Leu-rich repeat transmembrane receptor kinase FLAGELLIN SENSITIVE2 (FLS2) is essential for flagellin perception. Here, we demonstrate the specific interaction of the elicitor-active epitope flg22 with the FLS2 protein by chemical cross-linking and immunoprecipitation. The functionality of this receptor was further tested by heterologous expression of the Arabidopsis FLS2 gene in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) cells. The perception of flg22 in tomato differs characteristically from that in Arabidopsis. Expression of Arabidopsis FLS2 conferred an additional flg22-perception system on the cells of tomato, which showed all of the properties characteristic of the perception of this elicitor in Arabidopsis. In summary, these results show that FLS2 constitutes the pattern-recognition receptor that determines the specificity of flagellin perception.
PMID 16377758
Corresp Author Chinchilla D, Bauer Z, Regenass M, Boller T, Felix G.
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PubMed  16377758

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