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Reaction RE000186: MPK6(A.t.)->WRKY33(A.t.)
General Information
Acc No RE000186
Name MPK6(A.t.)->WRKY33(A.t.)
Class basic
Type semantic
Effect phosphorylation
Reversible unknown
Comment MPK6 phosphorylates WRKY33
Creation Oct 21 2011 01:36:04:373PM
Creator pb
Last Update Oct 21 2011 01:36:15:000PM
Last Updater pb
Acc No Name 
MO000023  MPK6(A.t.) 
MO000210  WRKY33(A.t.) 
Score  5, QU000326
Reference  Ref. 1
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000502
  Authors  Merkouropoulos G, Andreasson E, Hess D, Boller T, Peck SC.
  Title  An Arabidopsis protein phosphorylated in response to microbial elicitation, AtPHOS32, is a substrate of MAP kinases 3 and 6.
  Source  J Biol Chem 283: 10493-9 (2008)

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