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Reaction RE000267: EIN3(A.t.)->ESE1(A.t.)
General Information
Acc No RE000267
Name EIN3(A.t.)->ESE1(A.t.)
Class basic
Type semantic
Effect transcriptional activation
Reversible unknown
Comment EIN3 activates ESE1 transcriptionally
Creation Jan 5 2012 01:24:09:297PM
Creator pb
Last Update Jan 5 2012 01:36:47:000PM
Last Updater pb
Acc No Name 
MO000011  EIN3(A.t.) 
MO000530  ESE1(A.t.) 
Score  Reference 
4, QU000491  Ref. 1
4, QU000492  Ref. 1
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000542
  Authors  Zhang L, Li Z, Quan R, Li G, Wang R, Huang R.
  Title  An AP2 domain-containing gene, ESE1, targeted by the ethylene signaling component EIN3 is important for the salt response in Arabidopsis.
  Source  Plant Physiol 157: 854-65 (2011)

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