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Reaction RE000297: CPR30(A.t.)-/RPS2(A.t.)
General Information
Acc No RE000297
Name CPR30(A.t.)-/RPS2(A.t.)
Class basic
Type mechanistic
Effect binding and inhibition
Reversible unknown
Comment CPR30 associates with RPS2 in vivo (possibly in SCF-complexes). CPR loss-of function mutants show increased RPS2 transcript, while CPR30 overexpression results in decreasal of RPS2 transcript.
Creation Jan 17 2012 11:11:24:140AM
Creator pb
Last Update Jan 17 2012 11:12:34:000AM
Last Updater pb
Acc No Name 
MO000062  RPS2(A.t.) 
MO000364  CPR30(A.t.) 
Score  Reference 
3, QU000544  Ref. 1
4, QU000545  Ref. 1
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000559
  Authors  Cheng YT, Li Y, Huang S, Huang Y, Dong X, Zhang Y, Li X.
  Title  Stability of plant immune-receptor resistance proteins is controlled by SKP1-CULLIN1-F-box (SCF)-mediated protein degradation.
  Source  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108: 14694-9 (2011)

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