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Reaction RE000310: RPP8(A.t.)--EDS1(A.t.)
General Information
Acc No RE000310
Name RPP8(A.t.)--EDS1(A.t.)
Class basic
Type semantic
Effect interaction
Reversible unknown
Comment EDS1 interacts with RPP8 (HRT) in co-immunoprecipitation assays but not in BiFC
Creation Jan 20 2012 09:20:12:297AM
Creator pb
Last Update Jan 20 2012 09:28:15:000AM
Last Updater pb
Acc No Name 
MO000070  RPP8(A.t.) 
MO000075  EDS1(A.t.) 
Score  3, QU000560
Reference  Ref. 1
Ref. 1   Acc No  RF000567
  Authors  Zhu S, Jeong RD, Venugopal SC, Lapchyk L, Navarre D, Kachroo A, Kachroo P.
  Title  SAG101 forms a ternary complex with EDS1 and PAD4 and is required for resistance signaling against turnip crinkle virus.
  Source  PLoS Pathog 7: e1002318 (2011)

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